Regret your betrayal!

Lilith , Isabel , Saori Kido
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Trample
Date Dec 31, 2018


It’s finally the day when the teacher will give back Lilith and Isabel’s tests. Both waiting for it, get disappointed when they discover their grade is 0, because the tests were exactly equal. Isabel tells the teacher it’s unfair because Lilith was the one who copied from her. To be fair, she decides to do the following: give Isabel grade 10 and Lilith a big zero. The teacher grounds them both and leaves the room so they can think about what they did. Pissed with the cheating, Lilith screams with Isabel and throws her on the floor so she can have her revenge for being betrayed. Maybe stepping on her with both of her feet will be a good choice? Sure it will. She begins the trampling and steps all over Isabel’s belly, breasts and face until she almost cries. Lilith also puts all her weight on top of her classmate, even jumping to make her suffer more and feel pain. When Isabel threatens to tell the teacher the trampling gets worse and her bad classmate gets angrier. Will Isabel regret telling the truth?

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