Astronaut trampling boots

Iohana Alvez , Alessandra
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Trample
Date Dec 25, 2018


Iohana is waiting for Alessandra to come so they can go to a party together. When she finally arrives, Iohana criticizes her clothes and as a payback, Alessandra makes fun of her new red boots. Really pissed because her friend said her new shoes are very ugly and look like an astronaut boot, Iohana wants revenge. There’s no better way of doing it then giving Alessandra a trample session, just to try the new boots on top of a loose girl’s body. Just like an astronaut, Iohana steps on Alessandra’s belly and head just like she was stepping on the moon, smashing her stomach and making her scream in pain. I bet this really hurt!

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